About Me

Born 7th January 1953, Pembroke Dock, Dyfed

I have been writing for over twenty years as a freelancer, of which fifteen of those were while I was an engineer at the Morgan Motor Company.

Since leaving Morgan in 2006, I have increased my writing along with my gardening, which has been a breath of fresh air and has inspired me to have a sense of humour after making a ‘bolt for the door’ from my life of engineering.

One would ask me why I turned to writing and in particular writing poetry. Well I enjoyed story telling when I was in my youth to children younger than myself and when my children came along, this inspired me to start writing. I started with an electric typewriter, but soon got fed up with messing around with ‘Tipp-ex’ typing eraser and deleting the many repeated letters. (Who said there weren’t twenty ‘P’s in Tipp-ex?). So I purchased a ‘Time’ machine (Computer) which filled up my desk space and a tape-printer, but it did the trick.

The next step was to take a home study course in “freelance Writing” with the Writers’ Bureau, to whom I am very grateful for their expert home tuition. Gosh! Didn’t I get a few critical comments from my tutor, but thanks to Heather Cooke, I learnt a lot from her.

As I gradually got into the writing, I found there were so many opportunities, that I strayed from the fiction for a while to write newsletters and articles for various papers and of course the Morgan Works Magazine called ‘Mog Monthly’, then gradually to information sheets, editorials and gradually back to fiction again, but on the internet.

Early last year, I was about to try and publish my book of short stories, when I saw an advertisement for a competition to be the Poet Laureate for Worcestershire. This I couldn’t ignore, because I had added poetry to the stories in my book, so I entered and was surprised when I reached the final with nine other finalists.

Well that sums it up as I have written this book and have plans for another with my two other books which I hope to release soon. I hope you enjoy this mixed book of poetry and can understand my sense of humour.