My Wildlife of Poetry.

This book is based on everyday occurrences, including things which have happened to me, my family, friends, pets or other people I have seen. However, to get the full atmosphere in the stories, some have been slightly exaggerated, to bring some extra humour and imagination to the fore.

I have been a lover of wildlife since a boy and this has inspired me to write many stories. I took up writing freelance over twenty years ago, writing short fiction stories, letters and articles and business writing, but returned to writing fiction seven years ago. I turned to writing poetry in 2012, when I reached the finals of the Worcestershire Poet Laureate. This inspired me to write this book “My Wildlife of Poetry,” (note the word ‘Wildlife’ as one word, although my life is a bit wild as well). Some may ask; where is the wildlife in some of these poems? Well many involve us humans, as well as domestic and we all have some wild streaks in us, showing how daft we can all be at the best of times, you only have to look in the high street, football matches and in particular politics.

Coming soon - Nightmares of déjà vu

You wake up from a deep sleep and you have had nightmares to scare the pants off the hardest of person. Then you start the day forgetting the horrific events of your sleep, and something horrific happens on the way to work, you are injured or worse. You come around to the continuation of your nightmare. This happened to me and others who have just lived to tell some events which I call, Nightmares of déjà vu


Coming soon - My Wilder side of Poetry

This is the sequel to My Wildlife of Poetry in a series of everyday events involving both humans and animals. This is again accompanied by introductory stories and illustrations to capture the hilarious as well as serious events.